Apprenticeship open day at July 25, 2024

We are pleased to participate in this year's Apprenticeship open day on July 25, 2024. This event offers school leavers the opportunity to get to know our company better and gain exciting insights into various departments and professions.

Register at PLANET 71 via this Link

You can find videos on the topic of education on our YouTube channel

Techtextil Innovation Award in the "New Technologies"

DITF received the Techtextil Innovation Award in the "New Technologies" category for their research on self-cooling textiles, conducted in cooperation with Schill+Seilacher GmbH. The associated promotion was financially supported by the Ingeborg Gross Foundation.

You can download the press release here

Techtextil Exhibition Frankfurt 2024

Our colleagues from the Department of Spinfinishes for Man-made Fibres and Chemicals for Technical Textiles welcomed old and new customers at our booth at Techtextil in Frankfurt.
We look forward to working energetically to explore opportunities and support your projects.

Video - Flame Retardancy Test

Fire Protection Test at Schill+Seilacher Laboratories

Customer needs and the concern to protect lives and value is our prime motivating force to develop new flame-retardant products.
FU 1202/22 and FR 1123/31 are two of our flame retardants. Both products are ready to use and were especially developed for the requirements to protect upholstery fabrics. FU 1202/22 is a halogen free compound, which is completely free of bromine and antimony, whereas our flame-retardant FR 1123/31 is based on bromine and antimony and known for its good performance.
Both products can be applied by foam coating.
The samples shown in the video were foam coated with a final dry add-on of 150 g/m² and fulfil the British Standard BS 5852 IS1.
The requirements of the customers for OEKO-TEX® are completely fulfilled. Both products are OEKO-TEX® listed class IV as accepted active chemical product (ACP).

All Videos are available on our Youtube channel:

Press release – CEO

Zurich, 2023/06/22. With immediate effect, Dr. Kristina Platkowski (57) will become the new CEO of the Schill+Seilacher Group. She succeeds Dr. Rüdiger Ackermann, who stepped down from the position and left the Group in April 2023.

In times of increasing geopolitical challenges, resilient, functioning supply chains as well as intelligent logistics and production management are important success factors for companies - also for Schill+Seilacher as a global specialty chemicals company.


Experienced operations manager


Dr. Kristina Platkowski studied chemical process engineering and has held responsible management positions at various large international companies in recent years. Until December 2022 she was with HB Fuller, most recently as Head of Manufacturing responsible for production, planning, maintenance and EHS issues. Since 2023/01/01, she has already fullfilled the role of Chief Operating Officer for the Schill+Seilacher Group.


Schill+Seilacher is currently implementing SAP S/4HANA and Success Factors

With this new software we are optimizing our business processes and creating a sustainable foundation for further growth. SAP S/4HANA and Success Factors will enable us to use our resources more efficiently, improve transparency and monitoring of our processes, and react more quickly to market changes. Our partners will benefit from even better service and faster responsiveness.

This investment will help us to increase customer and partner satisfaction and further expand our position as a leading company in the chemical industry.

We will of course keep you informed about the progress of our digitalization projects and are available for further information.

Video- Flame Retardancy Test FR 1123/31

FR 1123/31 as general FR compound to protect upholstery fabrics. Furthermore the soft handle of coated fabrics give the possibility to create comfy seating. This product combines two advantages. It can be applied as paste and foam coating. With FR 1123/31 you will achieve the requirements according to BS 5852 IS 0 + 1. The requirements of the customers for OEKO-TEX® is completely fulfilled. OEKO-TEX® listed class IV as accepted active chemical product (ACP).

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Membership TEGEWA

Schill+Seilacher is founding member of TEGEWA association since 1951. Our Managing Director Dr. Jürgen Heck is chairman of the TEGEWA association management. Heck mentions that for an association like TEGEWA networking really represents the base of working in this environment. All staff members of the office are in regular exchange with the members and further associations, authorities and institutes. Direct contact to the management as well as association meetings, which build an appropriate frame not only for intense technical discussions but also for a friendly and co-operative exchange are highly valued by the members.

Thanks to all members for your contributions!

Whitepaper "Sustainable Waterbased Barrier Coatings"

Schill+Seilacher offers sustainable waterbased barrier coatings, PFOA/PFOS-free, that are suitable for food packaging.
A whitepaper is avaliable for download.

New Product Catalogue Cosmetics, HI&I and special chemicals

Our business unit COSMETICS, HI&I & SPECIAL CHEMICALS developes customized products for different applications in everyday life. Check out our latest brochure and learn about the latest and more relevant information! Download

Leather Wetend Technical Information updated

Our new Minibook Leather Wetend Technical Information is available for Download.

Promotional Video- SUCCUIR

Triose tanning succuirSUCCUIR- a new era of tanning

Schill+Seilacher GmbH have launched SUCCUIR, a new pre-tannage and tannage at this year’s Lineapelle, September 2022 Trade Fair. The product is based on a triose that is derived from vegetable oil waste streams.
Watch the promotional video here.

Leather chemicals- odour control

Odour control with Struksorb System of Schill+Seilacher

A technical paper is published in International Leather Maker (ILM) from May/June 2021, in which the balancing of leather odour intensity is examined and refined through innovative absorber technology.
This is of special interest for vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ), to create a pleasant and acceptable environment for customers and drivers of all cultural backgrounds worldwide.
The paper is available for download.

Schill+Seilacher goes Cinema:

Kino Spot

On the occasion of „Azubi – job fair at cinema“ laboratories, production and offices became a film setting.
During a short spot, which was produced by our apprentices the careers of Chemielaborant*, Chemikant*, Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik und Industriekaufmann* are introduced.
The spot was shown at Cinemaxx, Böblingen (hall 6) for twelve weeks. Watch the Video here.


SEPAWA, Berlin 2022

Sepawa Hi&iAfter a wide interval due to COVID, SEPAWA took place again in Berlin from October 26th to 28th.

The SEPAWA congress / exhibition, which was originally founded as a local event for surfactant manufacturers and consumers, has developed more and more internationally in the past years. This year, almost 3000 visitors from Europe and overseas attended the event. The topic of "sustainability" was clearly in focus with many lectures and product presentations.

As always, Schill+Seilacher showed presence as exhibitor and sponsor, but also as speaker at the congress (“Micellar thickening in cosmetic applications: natural alternatives”). The visitors of our booth were interested in environmentally friendly surfactants and surfactant mixtures - not only for cosmetics, but also for laundry and cleaning agents as well as technical applications. The focus was also on cosmetic silicone specialties (Sil-O-San), multifunctional odor absorbers (“Polyfix ZRC”), emulsifiers (Pair2Phase) and phosphoric acid esters (Silaphos).



SUCCUIR – A new era of tanning

succuirTechnical Report from 22 September 2022

Schill+Seilacher GmbH have launched SUCCUIR, a new pre-tannage and tannage at this year’s Lineapelle, September 2022 Trade Fair. The product is based on a triose that is derived from vegetable oil waste streams. A White Paper was also launched at the fair which details the technology. The technical team were available to answer any questions and to supply you with the White Paper, directly. Alternatively, the White Paper is available for download.

The product launched focuses on sustainable chemistry, biodegradability, process versatility, and biogenic chemistry. The talk presented on the 21st September, in two exclusive sessions, highlighted a product that is 100% biogenic (which is of great interest for the automotive sector). Additionally, the sugar tanning method allows a highly biodegradable and renewable tannage, which can be made into any leather article.

A technical paper explaining the chemistry of the product was published in the November/December issue 56 of International Leather Maker (ILM) and is available for download.

90TH Birthday of Ingeborg Gross

Ingeborg Gross would have turned 90 on December 12, 2021

She lost the fight against her serious illness at the age of 87, but thanks to her impressive life's work and her far-sighted succession planning, she secured an afterlife for future generations, which the Ingeborg Gross Foundation will preserve and implement. Ms. Ingeborg Gross was a strong entrepreneur.

She had no commercial training. But a feeling for business - and for people.

She has entrusted the foundation named after her and her long-term managing director with the preservation and implementation of her will. This laid the foundation stone for a secure future of the Schill + Seilacher Group, for the benefit of those who work for the company and for the common good. Just as she wanted it to be!


Doctoral scholarship from the Ingeborg-Gross-Foundation

Lea Zimmermann is writing her dissertation as part of a doctoral scholarship from the Ingeborg-Groß-Foundation:

The functionalization of textiles and the possibility of transforming a fabric or fiber into a new innovative product has always fascinated me and has accompanied me throughout my entire academic career. During my Bachelor's studies at University Niederrhein, I intensively explored the field of cosmetotextiles, investigating various functionalization methods for attaching microcapsules to and within the fiber. Recently, I successfully defended my Master's thesis at Technische Universität Dresden in the field of biofunctionalization of silk for implant medicine, with the long-term goal of immobilizing cells, growth factors, or macromolecules, and possibly even medications, to the material, within the Mechanical Engineering department. I deeply delved into the chemical functionalization of silk surfaces, successfully functionalizing silk fibers using carbodiimide chemistry. The knowledge I have gathered in this area during my studies will undoubtedly be very helpful for my intended Ph.D. at the German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research (DITF).

The aim of my dissertation, within the framework of the Ingeborg-Groß-Stiftung doctoral scholarship, is to analyze the feasibility of self-cooling effects on textile surfaces and to investigate the interaction of thermodynamic parameters concerning passive radiative cooling. Special coatings will be developed that can lower the surface temperature compared to the surrounding air temperature. The relationships to be determined will serve to save energy for air conditioning in buildings with textile material facades, but also to inspire material innovations for leisure clothing, sportswear, and protective clothing. Considering the rising temperatures due to climate change and the associated challenges, the results of this research offer a solution for a sustainable cooling system that does not require external energy input.

Farewell to our long-standing HR manager and head of our Hamburg location

Our long-standing Head of Human Resources and since 2020 Head of our Hamburg location was on Friday, November 5th, 2021 by our CEO Dr. Rüdiger Ackermann said goodbye to his well-deserved retirement.

In his speech, Dr. Ackermann Mr. Röh's services to Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH, Hamburg, and reviewed the professional stations in our company.
The workforce and management wish Mr. Röh all the best for his retirement and say "thank you" for his 33 years of service.

Video- Apprentice training at Schill+Seilacher.

Lights, Action, Sound.
Just like at a tv studio, our three colleagues from the apprentice training department,
get a chance to try their hand in the world of acting for our new image film.
We say ''Thank you'' for their amazing efforts.

The apprentice training video is now available to view on Youtube

Award of AGV Chemie 2022-2023

Award for Schill+Seilacher as Apprenticeship Employer (German Employers' Association of Chemical Industry).

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Donations instead of Presents

Heartfelt Wishes

Instead of sending Christmas cards and presents by post to our customers and business partners in the past year, we supported two of our heartfelt wishes: donations to SOS-Kinderdörfer (child support charity) and Anna - Unterstützung krebskranker Kinder e.V. (support of children suffering from cancer).

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When additives become functional, new possibilities emerge!

Advancements in tire technology are motivated by continually evolving market expectations. The need to contribute to vehicle efficiency, either by reduced fuel consumption in combustion engine vehicles or the switch to e-vehicle technologies with associated changes in tire performance criteria are often cited as key challenges facing tire developers.

Polymer producers have responded to the changing tire industry expectations, their innovations take into account a more reactive functionality within polymer architecture, and this is closely matched by increasingly greater degrees of filler surface chemistry. As a result, tire compound properties may now be tailored to meet quite specific tire performance targets.

Tire processing methods also underwent progressive stages of modernisation in recent years, for example, more sophisticated reactive mixing technology together with high-speed extrusion systems allowing for direct extrusion onto the building drum become established as cost effective production routes for many of the major producers.

These advancements however bring about their own conflicts, processing pathways involving multiple stages, often with the ability to rework compound or adjust rheological properties by additional time or energy input during the process are no longer viable options for most tire producers. It has thus become necessary to achieve processability through an increasingly narrow operating window.

The use of process additive chemicals in an attempt to overcome the processing limitations observed gives rise to further conflicts; Lubricant additives might improve compound surface appearance, however, green strength will probably further reduce due to the unwanted softening effect. The same is true for release additives where lower tack unfortunately remains at a higher value than the also lowered tensile strength of the compound.

The development team at Schill + Seilacher has recognised the need to decouple conflicting performance characteristics found within conventional process additive chemistries. As a result, innovation within our Struktol® range offers tire compounders opportunities to achieve processability without compromise.

An example of significant improvement in extrusion performance when using Struktol® HT 300 in a silica filled tread compound. This innovative Struktol additive acts to decouple the conflicting influences of green strength and viscosity. As a result, high performance compounds gain significant benefit.

Read complete article in Tyre Trends

Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH at RubberTech China 2020

RubberTech China 2020, the leading international rubber technology exhibition, was held at the Pudong Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China, from September 16 to 18. This was the 20th edition of the popular event, which usually draws a diverse crowd of attendees and participants from across the world. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting travel restrictions had a significant impact on international attendance, as well as on the scale of RubberTech China 2020.

Representatives from Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH , the German specialty chemicals major, took part in the event and noted that the 2020 edition of one of the global rubber industry’s most popular fairs was unlike any others that preceded it. 

About 500 companies attended the exhibition, spread over two and half exhibition halls, about 60% of the size of the usual size of exhibition during other years of the RubberTech China event, when about 800 companies participated in the exhibition, spread over four exhibition halls. About 40% of participants who had earlier booked, cancelled their plans to attend due to COVID-19 concerns. 

The team from SS China remarked that the number of visitors to the event seemed to not have decreased significantly, but strikingly, there were almost no foreigners at the show compared to other years. 

SS China participated at RubberTech China for all three days, with a booth that was “a bit more economically designed” than during prior years and pointed out that while their overseas competitors were not present, several of their competitors from China participated in the exhibition. 

Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH, Hamburg, was unable to send its experts from overseas to RubberTech China 2020, unlike during previous years, but Mr. Gino Liao and Mr. DH Lee from SS China, attended and ran the company’s booth, along with their sales staff, promoting Struktol products. They said that during the third day of the exhibition, local employees working for international companies such as Hutchinson, ContiTech, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli, Michelin, PTE, Kenda, Trelleborg, Hexpol, Kraiburg, GITI, Linglong Tire, Aeolus Tire, Sailun Tire and Doublestar Kumho visited the SS China booth to share updates on market trends and production information. 

Members of the company’s team celebrated SS China’s 15th anniversary at a special dinner at a restaurant in Waitan, by the invitation of Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH, Hamburg, where a celebratory letter from Mr. Guido Robbe was read and the celebration was shared online with Mr. Colin Clarke. 

Read article in Tyre Trends

I-Chieh (Jens) Chen receives the Ingeborg Gross graduation studentship at Hamburg University, Faculty Chemistry

I-Chieh (Jens) Chen receives Ingeborg Gross Graduation Studentship at Hamburg University, Faculty of Chemistry

Already as grammar school pupil Mr Chen discovered his affinity to science and technology and started afterwards his chemistry studies at the faculty of chemistry at Hamburg University, which he recently terminated with his master’s degree. His master’s thesis applies to aspects of sustainable polymer chemistry in context with redox initialised radical polymerisation. He worked out definite processes for production of high polymers with interaction of theoretical, synthetic and technological chemical approaches. Even his bachelor’s thesis had its focus on macromolecular chemistry. These experiences will surely be of use for his graduation. The aim of this research project is the treatment of zinc catalysed sulphur of allylic hydro carbon bondings in polyolefines. The oxidation of sulphur is a well-known process and even assumes a role for vulcanisation, however, structure reactivity relations on the impact of catalysts is lacking. The aim is to research a sustainable implementation on the basis of high active catalysts.

The studentship amounts to monthly 1,600 € for a period of two years and will be extended to three years after a positive expertise of an interim report. The studentship is promoted by Ingeborg-Gross-Stiftung and „Freundes- and Freundes- und Förderverein Chemie der Universität Hamburg e.V.


"Flugfeld" Corporate Challenge

22 Schill+Seilacher employees attended the „Flugfeld“ corporate challenge of Stahl Sport Shop this year for the first time.

22 Schill+Seilacher employees attended the „Flugfeld“ corporate challenge of Stahl Sport Shop this year for the first time. Under special Corona conditions (reduced number of participants, staggered starts, maintenance of social distancing) all runners and walkers mastered the 6 kilometer distance around the “Flugfeld” lakes. With our eye-catching green-white T-shirts one of our groups accomplished a foto on page 1 of the the “Böblinger/Sindelfinger Zeitung”. We would like to point out, that one of our apprentices was the winner in his group.
Let’s try again next year – with a bit more preparation/training.

Schill+Seilacher Virtual Roadshow

While exhibitions are cancelled worldwide due to Corona pandemic, Schill+Seilacher has found a way to keep in touch with customers and partners – virtually.

In Schill+Seilacher‘s first web exhibition stand you will find information about the product range of the Cosmetics and Fine Chemicals department and you will get the opportunity to arrange virtual meetings. Many other insights are waiting for you to explore. Visit the virtual roadshow regularly to find latest information and also stands from other departments coming soon.

Link to virtual roadshow

Visiting Schill Seilacher Chemie in Pirna

Today, the board of Ingeborg Gross Foundation, the advisory board and the executive management visited our Pirna site.

Apprenticeship Schill+Seilacher

Every year Schill+Seilacher offers apprenticeships for different job profiles - apply now for apprenticeship start 2021!

For information about our apprenticeships and an insight into the everyday life of our trainees, follow us on Instagram:

Schill+Seilacher is the new main sponsor of the Dresden Monarchs

Schill+Seilacher group supports football players not only in the current situation

As part of their season kickoff, the Dresden Monarchs introduced their new helmet sponsor, Schill+Seilacher, today in Pirna. This addition expands the circle of supporters for American Football in Dresden, which already includes the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden, ELBEPARK DRESDEN, and Adrian Glöckner Automobile GmbH, to include a fourth main sponsor.

For Schill+Seilacher, this is the first sports sponsorship in the company’s nearly 150-year history. “American football originated in the same decade as our company, so we've been considering a partnership for a while. Our recently deceased chairman of the advisory board and lawyer in Dresden, Uwe Wunderlich, recommended the team from his hometown to us,” says Dr. Rüdiger Ackermann, CEO of Schill+Seilacher GmbH. “With production facilities in Hamburg, Böblingen, and Pirna, we are well established throughout Germany. Additionally, we have two production sites in America, the home of football itself. It’s a young sport, fitting for us as we want to be perceived as a young company despite our long history.”

Dr. Uwe Dittrich, plant manager of Schill+Seilacher Chemie GmbH in Pirna, adds, “Like football, we come from an academic background; a large portion of our employees are academics. Each year, we have around ten trainees, all of whom have been retained in recent years. Similar to the Monarchs, we also focus on nurturing our own talent early on.”

Sören Glöckner, president of the Dresden Monarchs, is particularly pleased, having searched for a company to enter a long-term helmet sponsorship agreement for several years. “The Schill+Seilacher group has signed a contract with us for an initial term of five years, which is a significant gain for us as a club in the current situation,” says Glöckner, who is also happy that the team has been training again for the past few days.

Given the current circumstances, the club often questions whether the season will proceed. Ulz Däuber, head coach of the Dresden Monarchs e.V., assumes that the season will be played. “Currently, representatives from the first and second leagues are in discussions. The trend indicates that play will likely start in September in four groups of four teams each, to shorten the season. The German Bowl would then take place in mid-November,” reveals Däuber. And what’s the goal? “Clearly, we want to become German champions in 2020.”

Despite the excitement, there were some skeptical questions regarding the security of the sponsorship, which were addressed. “Sponsorship should operate on the basis of fairness and reliability, just like in sports. The club is counting on us for the entire five years! Additionally, we want to bask in the club's successes and celebrate the championship together,” concludes Dr. Ackermann

Disinfectant for our employees

At Schill+Seilacher corporate social responsibility starts with small details.

Today we make our employees a little bit of joy with an extraordinary campaign and give everyone a 3l canister of our disinfectant for private use. We wish the entire workforce to stay healthy and look forward to handing the next incentive in near future!

26,000 Respirator Masks for Böblingen

Schill+Seilacher handed over mask donation to corona delegate of Böblingen

Since at least, with the new obligation to wear masks in local traffic and shopping centers,  respirator masks recently became the most requested item with regard to health protection. While lots of citizens sew homemade masks for themselves, there is a high demand of professionally manufactured masks for health care.  In order to relieve this lack in doctor’s practices, hospitals and special care homes the Schill + Seilacher GmbH was in the position to acquire – thanks to good business contacts to China - a large contingent of respirator masks at their own expense. A few days ago Mirco Arndt, Factory Manager of the worldwide operating chemical enterprise handed over the donation of 26,000 masks to the Corona delegate of the economic development department Böblingen, Dominic Schaudt.

25,000 medical respirator masks as well as 1,000 professional FFP2 masks were transferred to the Böblingen fire department. The deputy press officer of Böblingen, Gianluca Biela reported, that the fire department is responsible for distribution to employees of municipal institutions, as for example social services as well as citizens’ center of the town hall, which should be prepared for reopening. „Furthermore, we can also provide the residential homes for elderly, if a lack of masks occurs and supply from established sources would not be sufficient.“

„While the government recently supports enterprises financially with billions of Euros, we consider it is our obligation to help where possible by means of our possibilities and contacts.“, sais Dr. Ruediger Ackermann, CEO of the Schill+Seilacher GmbH.

The treasured good was straightly flown in to Germany thief-proofby airfreight. Dr. Ackermann: „ We are glad that our medium-sized enterprise is able to help and hope that we will have lots of followers.”

The chemical enterprise Schill+Seilacher GmbH produces chemicals for production of technical textiles, leather and paper, fine chemicals and cosmetics as well as chemical fibers at the Böblingen factory with about 400 employees.

Schill+Seilacher Currently Produces Disinfectants

Since today the Böblingen chemical enterprise provides the district with disinfectants

Due to corona pandemic, the demand of disinfectants rapidly increases. Therefore, it was self-sufficient for the long-established chemical enterprise Schill+Seilacher GmbH, to comply with the request of a regional pharmacist to start production of disinfectants. Now the medium-sized company already produces disinfectants at two of its three factories in Germany. Besides the one in Böblingen also the Saxon Schill+Seilacher factory at Pirna started producing disinfectants.

„First we just started with small quantities for our company requirements and without automatic support.“ reported Mirco Arnd, factory manager of Schill+Seilacher GmbH, Böblingen. „Since today, however, we produce larger quantities at our mixing plant with official approval. Schill+Seilacher especially provides medical and social facilities at the Böblingen district.

They produce a disinfectant called „Desinfekt OFL“ in accordance with the formulation of World Health Organization (WHO). Additionally, thanks to the glycerine portion Desinfekt OFL is also skin-friendly. „We provide our customers with disinfectants at a fair price“, reported Arndt. „This is our small and regional contribution in fight against the pandemic. For production of Desinfekt OFL we postponed parts of our own production in order to accomplish capacities for it.

Schill + Seilacher preferably delivers Desinfekt OFL in 5 liter units to hospitals, special homes for elderly, fire departments, doctor’s practices as well as social facilities. „We will start with about 5 tons oft he disinfectant. As one of the required components for production is in short supply recently, we are only able to produce and provide a limited quantity. As soon as further supplies are guanranteed, we will increase production. We have already a lot of inquiries from all fields.“, said Mirco Arndt.

Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" is now member of the German Asia-Pacific Business Association

We look forward to a lively exchange of experiences and interesting discussions!

Schill + Seilacher "Struktol" has found its place as a member of the OAV. We can look forward to interesting discussions with companies that, like us, have been active in the East Asian market for a long time and have a lot of experience. Here is the link to the announcement of Schill + Seilacher "Struktol" as a new member:

Delegation journey

At the end of October, our managing director Dr. Ackermann joined the delegation group of Dr. Merkel to India.

At this journey, bilateral talks with various Indian industrial segments took place. The delegation’s journey was of high importance for Schill+Seilacher, because the Indian market is of great economic interest for our innovative company. At Chennai in India we already hold our own office and a subsidiary enterprise already is scheduled at Mumbai and Pune to satisfy this extremely important market and to provide best possible service.  

Schill+ Seilacher and Chimica Vemar

A creative partnership for quality, technology and flair.

Our aim: highest standard beautiful leather with low environmental impact.

Together, creating innovative solutions for our world.

New trainees get it on at Schill+Seilacher

On September 1, 2019, nine trainees started their 3 to 3.5 year vocational training at Schill + Seilacher GmbH in Böblingen. The new young chemists, chemical laboratory technicians, warehouse logistics specialists and an industrial clerk are motivated for the future and employed by qualified employees in companies.

The acquisition of new employees for the growth of the company and the dual training is a central point for the further development of the location.

Founded in 1877, the traditional company is a global player in the production of industrial process additives. We are leaders in innovation and individual solutions for our customers.

Today, Schill + Seilacher is successful with six independent production sites and around 1000 employees worldwide. And the Group is also well prepared for the future: we continue to rely on solid growth with traditional values ​​and targeted investments, a high degree of research and development activities, and orientation towards market and customer requirements.

The Böblingen plant produces special chemicals for the production and finishing of man-made fibers, textiles, leather and paper. Also additives for the cosmetics industry are manufactured here.

Schill + Seilacher is again looking for trainees (w / m / d) for the professions of chemist, chemist and industrial clerk in Böblingen for the start of training in September 2020.

Pirna puts new plant in operation

Schill + Seilacher Group has opened its new P1 plant in Pirna-Neundorf.

The construction of the multi-fuel plant became necessary as a result of a chemical accident and has state-of-the-art safety precautions to be able to rule out factory accidents in the future.

In December 2014, plant P1 exploded due to a chemical accident. One employee lost his life and four others were injured. A steel part with inscription today commemorates the disaster.

In order to be able to maintain the Pirna location and its jobs, the confidence of the residents and authorities was initially regained. Security was paramount when planning the reconstruction, with tens of millions invested in the implementation.

The innovative safety concept of the system sets new industry standards. It is suitable to prevent accidents and eruptions in general - including by means of a reinforced concrete protective cover, debris traps and automatically opening explosion flaps.

The operating concept developed especially for the chemical reactors provides for the waiver of certain substances in order to rule out dangerous reactions in the future. In addition, the reduced energy input no longer allows destructive explosive power.

The production site in Pirna, Saxony, was founded by Schill + Seilacher shortly after the reunification in 1990. The P1 multi-fuel plant is specialized in the production of additives for man-made fibers and cosmetics, colorants, flame retardant chemicals, leather impregnants, paper coatings and foam stabilizers. The planned annual production capacity of 10,500 tons corresponds to the volume of the previous plant.

You can read more about this topic in the WochenKurier.


ACLE 2018, the Asian-Pacific Leather Exhibition took again place in Shanghai from 29th - 31st August, 2018. Schill and Seilacher was visibly present with a typical german "Beergarden" style stand and hosted a huge number of guests with local food and beverages. This warm atmosphere was well received by each and every customer and our team members enjoyed many good and open conversations about business but also about new product performance and possible new leathers.

Our unique smell-preventing products for automotive leather are now the key solution for modern car interiour odour control and our new, super effective, all-purpose fatliquors are bringing peace of mind for high tech articles.

For more information, please contact our Leather Department directly.


NYSCC Suppliers’ Day is known as one of the most important events on the industry calendar in North America, expanding from year to year. For Schill+Seilacher Group, 2018th NYCCS was a perfect platform to introduce the latest products as well as the complete personal care portfolio to interested customers.

SCHILL+SEILACHER’s Amino-acid based Surfactant range showed beside new MB- and COSMOS-conform surfactants the RHEO2Green line, an innovative solution which gives easily a perfect viscosity and solves the thickening issues during production. STRUKTOL offered the relaunched Sil-O-San line including modified Silicones which lead to a smooth and soft skin feeling, as well as perfect look for the hair.

SNS Nanofiber Technologies presented NANOSANTM for different cosmetic and hygiene application (active delivery, decontamination, absorption), produced by a patented electrospinning process.


InCosmetics Global is the biggest and most important event for personal care ingredients and innovative technologies. For this reason, Amsterdam as a magnet pulled in April this year manufacturers of raw materials and finished products of personal care. This is the best opportunity to present and learn about new trends and innovations.

So, topic “green and natural” products, where Schill + Seilacher GmbH with its Perlastan surfactants is a one of the leading player on the market, year by year is gaining strength. This strong position of our cosmetic division have been reinforced last year through development of self-thickening Cosmos-certified Rheo2Green series and Mass Balance (RSPO) products.

Most attention received Polyfix (odour absorbers) and Sil-O-San (organo-modified silicones) lines that the number of interested customers could be dramatically increased.

Examples for advanced technological customer products based on nonwoven nanofibers Nanosan did impress the visitors of our booth.


Schill + Seilacher was very successful at this year's All Pacific Leather Fair in Hong Kong. Our stand, located within the German Participation was very busy. Every customer could inform himself about our latest developments regarding Low odour car upholstery leather or waterproofing without any oils and meet our Divisional Director, Mr. Siegfried Nagel and the responsible Technical Sales Team for China. For more informations please contact our Leather Department directly.


Are you ready for summer?

Today, we would like to give you some ideas about how to improve your products with

"Polyfix ZRC 50 TB".

For further, technical information, please contact us!


We are pleased to tell you, that we received the certification DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 through DQS in january 2018.


As every year, Schill and Seilacher was represented at SINCE in Shanghai. SINCE is the largest nonwoven exhibition in Asia. With 461 exhibitors and 22,218 visitors from 62 countries (China, Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, etc.), there was an increase of 35% compared to the previous year.

The successful markets for hygiene, medical articles and filtration in Asia are leading to an increasing demand for nonwoven products and technologies. We were able to present our new developments for nonwovens in the hygiene sector to numerous customers and interested parties.

With our newly developed spin finishes for bico staple fibers, we were able to successfully meet the new trend in Asia for excellent softness and dry skin feel for permanently hydrophilic fibers for diapers and feminine hygiene products.

Our long-term experience in the field of spin finish for nonwovens and our global presence were particularly appreciated during our discussions.


As a co-exhibitor, SNS Nanofiber Technologies from the USA presented the NANOSAN® range for decontamination of the skin. In vivo studies demonstrated that the the special nonwovens produced by electrospinning can remove sunscreens and even nanoparticles from the skin, much more effective compared to conventional washing. This product innovation was honored with the 2nd SEPAWA Innovation Award.

Struktol, also a member of the Schill + Seilacher Group, completed the successful presentation with modified silicones for skin and hair applications. These specialties are available in many variations and can also be produced according to customer requirements.


For the first time in 2017, Berlin hosted this year's SEPAWA. All in all, it was again a successful event with much more visitors compared to the previous year. This year, the Schill + Seilacher booth presented itself according to the motto "Some like it hot" to an international audience. Highlights were the mass-balance sarcosinates and the COSMOS-conform glutamate surfactants, especially the newly introduced PERLASTAN Rheo2Green1. With the new Rheo2Green1, a stable viscosity is obtained only by adjusting the pH without any additional rheological additive. The newly developed POLYFIX ZRC 50 TB, a higher concentrated odor absorber within our range of odor absorbers, can be used for personal care, home care and also for technical applications.


With 1,789 exhibitors and over 47,500 visitors from a total of 114 countries, a record attendance record was repeatedly broken at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center from 9 to 12 May. The industry met at Techtextil and Texprocess to gain information about the most innovative products in the field of technical textiles and the latest processing technologies.

Schill + Seilacher also presented itself to prospective and existing customers to introduce their current range of nonwovens, technical textiles, fiber preparations and chemicals for chemical fibers.


In April 2017, Schill + Seilacher GmbH Böblingen successfully completed the certification according to the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) Mass Balance (MB) standard. Due to this consistent step, we will have a share in supporting the global policy for sustainable palm cultivation that will lead protection of environment, domestic community and resources.

Schill + Seilacher strives to ensure that the employees, suppliers and market partners act according to ecological and social aspects in a sustainable and responsible manner. As a matter of course, we plan a growing proportion from certified source for palm oil and palm kernel oil based raw materials in future. We are pleased to send you information about our raw materials which are available in MB quality. We look forward to receiving your inquiries!


This event, important predominantly for the cosmetic and household industries in USA, is held every year and a key event and meeting place for initializing business contacts. The Suppliers Day 2017, organized by the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, took place for the first time in the Javits Convention Center in New York. The decision for a relocation from New Jersey to New York was required due to the high demand for participation.

Also this year, Schill + Seilacher –represented by our partners ROSS Organics, Walsh Associates and Quadra Chemicals – introduced innovative solutions for cosmetic and home care application. New formula guides will help the R&D staff to develop products to meet the customer’s needs.

With our new PERLASTAN Rheo2Green1, based on our Glutamate technology, we presented a ready-to-go solution for thickening easily rinse-off products: Just add your desired ingredients to the product, adjust the pH with organic acids – and you will experience the remarkable increase of viscosity starting immediately. This enables the development of mild and “green” cleaning products with outstanding skin feeling and excellent rheological properties.

Once malodors occur, Polyfic ZRC 50 TB concentrate will work effectively and binds a broad sprectrum of odor-forming nucleophilic molecules. Even when heating, the binding process is not reversible and therefore the malodor will not occur again. Based on Zinc Ricinoleate, Polyfic ZRC 50 TB is used at a level of 1-5% not only in deodorants (roll on, sprays and sticks), lotions or creams, hand sanitizers or products for hair depilatory creams and permanent hair waves, but also for use in household, sanitary, pet care, industrial cleaning or car care.

The fiber concept from Schill+Seilacher’s sister company SNS Nano Fiber Technology, LCC (Hudson, Ohio) attracts the visitor’s attention. This innovative carrier system could be used for masks, eye pads or cleaning wipes and is produced by a highly sophisticated non-woven technology.

Also in 2018, we will participate – and are looking forward to meeting you at our booth!


Every 3 years, the hygiene and nonwovens industry meets in Geneva for the Index. As always, Schill + Seilacher was represented at the largest European trade fair in this sector with a trade fair stand. Our new developments for nonwovens in the hygiene sector could be presented to numerous customers and interested parties.

With our newly developed spin finishes for spunbond and carded nonwovens we could offer solutions for the current trend for top sheets with excellent softness for feminine hygiene products and diapers. Spin finishes for the production of permanently hydrophilic fibers and nonwovens for diapers with dry skin feeling were particularly in demand. Our long-term experience in the field of spin finish for nonwovens and our global presence were particularly appreciated during our discussions.


Schill + Seilacher continues with his extraordinary successful future – this seemed to be the slogan during the show in 2017 that took place in London ExCel Hall. In fact, the company launched two innovative raw materials, which were introduced to the numerous visitors at the booth: PERLASTAN Rheo2Green1, a self-thickening system based on Glutamate technology and Polyfix ZRC 50 TB, our new and effective binder of odor-forming nucleophilic molecules. Beside this, Schill + Seilacher presented the Glutamin- and Sarcosine-based surfactants, suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, home care and industrial applications. Additionally, Schill+Seilacher finished successfully the RSPO approval and will now be able to offer MB-solutions for customer’s projects.

Our sister company SNS Nano Fiber Technology, LCC (Hudson, Ohio) showed with their innovative fiber concept extraordinary solutions for carrier systems like masks, eye pads or wipes with different properties. The concept is based on a unique non-woven technology which allows functional or active ingredients being incorporated easily. Beside this, other fiber constructs could be used for effective skin and surface cleaning. The silicone additives, suitable for skin and hair, completed the portfolio we presented to interested visitors. To sum up: Like every year, the InCosmetics is an obligatory event to work on the cosmetics of the future.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

We are pleased to tell you, that we received again the certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 through DQS in february 2017.


Lipsol FT-10 is the first product that absorbs and neutralises unwanted smell permanently. Most automotive leathers these days must be free of unpleasant odour. Until now this could not be achieved with existing methods like adding perfume or improving production processes. Also the smell of many products that had been brought into the leather on a later stage of production will be caught and eliminated. 
This revolutionary product is also an excellent fat liquor. This way, all active substances get carried deep inside the leather fibres to fix there permanently. 
When using Lipsol FT-10 in combination with Lipsol HP, a perfect automotive leather can be produced with inner softness but a tight grain and no looseness that will pass current tests of every OEM for automotive leather.

Lipsol HP is a polymeric fat liquor, especially designed for high performance automotive leathers to achieve ultra-lightfast and ultra-heat resistant leathers with no fogging. Leathers produced with Lipsol HP will show no VOC but especially a very tight grain. Such tight grain is often desired to provide a higher area gain after cutting the leathers. 
In combination with Lipsol ARG ideal to produce soft automotive leathers. In combination with Lipsol FT 10 ideal to produce the optimum automotive leathers that meets all current requirements of the OEM inclusive that of no smell.

Derugan AMF was developed to eliminate the unpleasant and unwanted smell of amines by an application in the pretanning and in the retanning of leather. 
One of the major reasons for unwanted smell in leather is the use of recycled water in the beam house as it does carry soluble protein residues, which must be eliminated. This is what Derugan AMF does, especially as the glutardialdehyde has been proven to be an excellent tool for amine tanning action. 
In combination with Lipsol FT 10Derugan AMF provides the optimum in creating a non-smell leather.

Lipsol ARG is a synthetic fat liquor designed for soft car upholstery leathers with a tight grain surface. It does support the highest demands of light-fastness and lowest possible VOC. Lipsol ARG provides excellent heat stability, does not contribute to fogging and is very suitable for the production of light weight leathers. The product is resistant to any kind of electrolytes used in the production of leather. If Lipsol ARG is mixed with lecithin it will support easy usable and very fine emulsions.

Perfectol TG is the first high performance waterproofing agent free of oil and fats. The product is meant to be used as single product for easy and effective production. It guarantees extremely high maser results, Wick test and lowest water uptake. The leathers are tight, firm and show a very clean surface. Another benefit is that the product supports excellent and true shades of dyes.


This year the SEPAWA Congress was held in Fulda. Next year SEPAWA will move to Berlin, because it has been considerably grown and needs more space and a location that is more attractive. This fact manifests how important this event has become in the field of cosmetic, detergents and cleaners.

The major topics of SEPAWA 2016 conference program were “Sustainability” and “Anti-pollution”. In this respect, Schill + Seilacher has a very solid and strong position. On one hand, the glutamate-based Perlastan surfactants satisfy all requirements of “green”- and “natural”-certified raw materials for cosmetics and HI&I cleaners. On the other hand, NanoSan, nonwoven nanofibers, can be effectively applied for the decontamination of hazardous substances from human skin. These unique fibers are available from SNS Nanofibertechnology, Daughter Company of Schill + Seilacher. The exclusive products have given an opportunity Schill + Seilacher to initiate at SEPAWA 2016 a lot of projects and collaborations worldwide.


TAROPAK - the international fair for packaging and labelling is the most important fair for the industries of packaging, labelling, stock management and logistics in Eastern Europe and took place in Posen the 26. – 29.09.2016. Thousands of visitors from the whole Eastern European region visited more than 400 exhibitors from 25 countries. This year’s fair comprised paper-, glass- metal-, and plastic packaging, as well as special packaging used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

As an outstanding eye catcher, the Schill&Seilacher-exhibition stand attracted an interested international audience. The main field of interest was the sector of transport security and anti-skid packaging. Visitors were also very interested in the topics of hydrophobicity and grease barriers needed for foodstuff packaging. In many cases, the feasibility of current application devices was discussed in detail with the customers. This proves a serious interest of these customers. As a general impression, a very interesting fair remains that shows the developing potential in the Eastern European market.


The ACLE, the Asian-Pacific Leather Exhibition took again place in Shanghai from 30 August to 2 September 2016. It is the most important Leather Fair in the world. Schill+Seilacher was visibly present with this modern and inviting stand of 100sqm in corporate colors. 
Our stand was very busy, every important customer reserved enough time to listen about our latest developments as well as to meet with Divisional Directors and responsible Sales Managers.
Highlights were our unique smell-preventing products for automotive leather, our eco-friendly flame retardants and our new, super effective, all-purpose fatliquors. 
For more information, please contact our Leather Department directly.


"The most beautiful booth at InCosmetics 2016". We were really glad to hear this statement from many visitors. Under the motto "Spring in Paris" everybody could find something interesting to their professional activities and learn something new. The "Green and certified natural cosmetics" is still the most important point in the personal care sector, as some years ago. Therefore, our glutamate products were in the central focus. Many developers of mild formulations, especially for baby and sensitive skin, could get new ideas with Schill+Seilacher’s Perlastan surfactants after the scientific discussions on their properties and action mechanisms. A full theater during the presentation at the "Innovation Seminar" to the topic "New odor-absorbing systems based on zinc ricinoleate", and the resulting inquiries, showed great interest for Polyfix. The Innovative Technology of nanofibers - "NanoSan", as well as new developments of functional silicones - "Sil-O-San", were extremely important issues of meetings with many cosmetic companies.


With 2650 visitors and 144 exhibitors the show once again proved to be the number one event in India for the Personal Care and Home Care Industry. Our stand was frequented by the national and international customers. Polyfix was of particular interest. Our amino-acid based surfactants and the technology of our Nanofibers “Nanosan” have been important topics in discussions with numerous customers.


Lipsol FT 10 is the first product of it’s kind, that absorbs and neutralises unwanted smell chemically and permanently. Most automotive leathers these days must be free of unpleasant odor. Until now this could not be achieved with existing methods like adding perfume or improving production processes. With Lipsol FT 10, most unpleasant smell can be eliminated permanently. Also the smell of many products that had been brought into the leather on a later stage of production will be caught and eliminated.
This revolutionary product is also an excellent fatliquor. This way, all active substances get carried deep inside the leather fibres to fix there permanently. Lipsol FT 10 does of course meet the very highest standards of automotive leather.

It must be highlighted that using Lipsol FT 10 in combination with Lipsol HP, a perfect automotive leather can be produced. A perfect automotive leather with inner softness but a tight grain and no looseness. Leathers produced with Lipsol FT 10 in combination with Lipsol HP will pass current tests of every OEM for automotive leather. No further fatliquor must be added.

Lipsol HP is a polymeric fatliquor, especially designed for high performance automotive leathers in order to achieve ultra lightfast and ultra heat resistant leathers with no fogging. Leathers produced with Lipsol HP will show no VOC but especially a very tight grain. Such tight grain is often desired to provide a higher area gain after cutting the leathers.

In combination with Lipsol ARG ideal to produce soft automotive leathers. In combination with Lipsol FT 10 ideal to produce the optimum automotive leathers that meets all current requirements of the OEM inclusive that of no smell.

Derugan AMF was developed to eliminate the unpleasant and unwanted smell of amines by an application in the pretanning and in the retanning of leather. 
One of the major reasons for unwanted smell in leather is the use of recycled water in the beamhouse. This recycled water does carry soluble protein residues, which must be eliminated. This is what Derugan AMF does, especially as the glutardialdehyde has been proven to be an excellent tool for amine tanning action.

In combination with Lipsol FT 10 our Derugan AMF provides the optimum in creating a non smelling leather. Unpleasant amine smell does get eliminated just as well as most unpleasant smell of products being added to the leather in any further step of production.

Lipsol ARG is a synthetic fatliquor designed for soft car upholstery leathers with a tight grain surface. It does support the highest demands of light-fastness and lowest possible VOC. Lipsol ARG provides excellent heat stability, does not contribute to fogging and is very suitable for the production of light weight leathers. The product is resistant to any kind of electrolytes used in the production of leather. If Lipsol ARG is mixed with lecithin it will support easy usable and very fine emulsions.

Perfectol TG is the first high performance waterproofing agent free of oil and fats. The product is meant to be used as single product for easy and effective production. The leathers treated with Perfectol TG show extremely high maser results, Wick test and lowest water uptake. The leathers are tight, firm and show a very clean surface. Another benefit is that the product supports excellent and true shades of dyes. No extra silicon must be added to achieve desired test results for highest standards.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

We are pleased to tell you, that we received again the certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 through DQS
in december 2015.


Also this time Schill + Seilacher was represented at the ITMA show by the man-made fibre department as well as the textile department with its own booth. Already the design of the booth has drawn many visitors into its spell.

As always, there was a very big interest in the products of Schill + Seilacher. Our booth delegates were pleased to receive steady contacts. New and existing customers took the chance for technical discussions in a relaxed environment. The special focus was on the products and processes in the fields of fibres and nonwovens with functional equipment, technical filaments, and flame-retardants.


Once again the annual InCosmetics Asia offered around 400 exhibitors from more than 60 countries the opportunity to present their product innovations in the field of Personal Care Ingredients in an international atmosphere.

Schill+Seilacher and our local distributor Jebsen & Jessen shared a large booth which attracted both local and international visitors.

Schill + Seilacher presented mild amino acid-based surfactants for natural cosmetic cleansing formulations, as well as odour absorbers for cosmetic and industrial applications.

New Nanofiber Carrier systems and silicones as cosmetic ingredients were also presented.


In the last few years the SEPAWA Congress, which was founded originally as an event for German-speaking producers/consumers of surfactants, has become more and more international. Around 2500 guests from 49 countries visited the congress in Fulda. This opens up new perspectives and broadens business horizons for participants.

This year as always, Schill+Seilacher took a part at the SEPAWA both as an exhibitor as well as a sponsor. The interest in the mild surfactants was extended with the requests of natural/organic raw materials for certified cosmetics and "Palm free" products offered by Schill + Seilacher. In addition, silicones and odour absorbers were in the focus of customers.


Almost 14.000 visitors and more than 700 exhibitors attended to Scanpack 2015 in Gothenburg’s Svenska Messan Exhibition Centre. This means a growth of c. 5 % compared with the last event in 2012!

The combined booth of our Swedish representative ACM, together with Schill+Seilacher’s paper department interestingly was frequented mainly by visitors coming from East and North-East Europe, where particular products are still real novelties, what is proved by the interest in our food packaging related barrier agents as well as our various non-slip agents.

Some discussions ended directly up in new projects with concrete agreements which is promising for the future.


The 2nd time organized InCosmetics Brazil in Sao Paulo increased its number of visitors from last year by 40% and is now one of the most important exhibitions for cosmetic raw materials in Latin America.

To approximately 3,000 visitors, an international platform for potential business opportunities was offered, as well as the chance to inform themselves on innovations in the field of ingredients for cosmetics and personal care products.

The large booth of Schill+Seilacher was well attended by local and international customers. They showed a tremendous interest in mild amino acid-based surfactants for certified cosmetics, as well as odour absorbers for cosmetic and industrial applications. Silicones as cosmetic ingredients were also presented.


1500 Exhibitors and more than 43.000 visitors came to see this year’s FachPack exhibition in Nuremberg exhibitions centre.

The completely new designed Schill+Seilacher booth attracted visitors from many different countries. One of this year’s focusses on our booth was load securing with non-slip materials and packaging.

Our booth personnel had lots of briskly discussions on matters like hydrophobic and oleophobic barriers for food related packaging as well.

New customer contacts which lead to concrete projects showing the importance of this exhibition for the paper department of Schill+Seilacher.


The Leather Department of Schill+Seilacher did present itself at this year’s ACLE, the All China Leather Exhibition in September in Shanghai with a brand new and very representable booth. There was a tremendous interest of visitors with promising new projects that had been discussed. Main topic of course was the presentation of our long awaited latest generation of high performance fat liquors. Some of them had been developed upon specific customer requests. First orders did already arrive for our all new water proof products Perfectol TG and Perfectol W2 but also for our polymer-based fat liquors to meet the latest demands of manufacturers of automotive leathers.


At the upcoming ACLE in Shanghai, chemical solution specialist Schill+Seilacher will introduce a whole new generation of ultra-modern waterproof and high-performance fatliquors.

PERFECTOL TE is a waterproof booster that considerably improves the surface barrier and with it the water-proof performance enabling the leather to pass even most advanced test results.

PERFECTOL TG is a high performance water-proof compound. With just this one product in the recipe, even the highest standards will be met. Because it is oil-free, it will support a very even surface of the leather.

PERFECTOL W2 is a multi-purpose, wax-based water repellent. It will strengthen the inner barrier of the leather and is ideal for tight shoe upper leather.

LIPSOL ABA is a polymeric-synthetic fatliquor for highest performances. Leathers will be light in weight, tight in grain, will show high tear strength and yet, leathers will possess a very high inner softness which is sought after for garment leathers.

LIPSOL ACL is a polymer supported lecithin fatliquor for high performance automotive leathers. This sustainable product will help to create light weight, super strong leathers with tight grain and a superior cutting yield.

LIMANOL GEW works as an equalizer and penetrator for water-proof leathers. Defects are considerably less highlighted. It can be used already at lower pH, even at the wet blue washing process.


Schill + Seilacher followed its strategy to remain the leading supplier for spin finishes for nonwovens with a representive booth at the biggest fair for nonwovens in Asia. More than 15 000 visitors from 53 nations came to Shanghai to meet customers and suppliers and learn about the latest trends. 

Many existing and potential customers were informed about our newly developed spin finishes at our booth. Our solutions to provide soft touch to topsheet and backsheet nonwovens for feminine hygiene products and diapers as well permanently hydrophilic properties to fibers and nonwovens with a dry skin feeling followed the most important trends of this market. Our longtime experience in the field of spin finishes for nonwovens and our global presence was well appreciated by our customers. 


The Techtextil 2015 once again broke its own record with more exhibiting companies and visitors than ever before. Around 42 000 visitors from more than 100 countries took the journey to the trade fair, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany from July 4-7.

With 1389 exhibitors a broad range of technologies and materials for the whole textile value creation chain were presented.

Schill + Seilacher's booth attracted both local and international visitors. Schill + Seilacher presented a wide range of products including fiber finishes and chemicals for man-made fibers, nonwovens and technical textiles.


Schill + Seilacher's booth at InCosmetics 2015 in Barcelona attracted many european and international customers to learn about amino acid-based surfactant in mild cleansing formulation for sulfate-free and organic marketing concepts. Furthermore Silicones for cosmetics applications and the innovative Nanofiber carrier system have been presented.

DIN EN ISO 50001:2011

We are pleased to tell you, that we received the certification DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 through DQS in december 2014.


Today, about 900 employees worldwide stand behind the success of the foundation-owned Schill+Seilacher group. Traditional values and investments, guaranteed through a high degree of research and development activities, secure our dynamic growth.

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