Today, about 1,000 employees worldwide stand behind the success of the foundation-owned Schill+Seilacher group. Traditional values and investments, guaranteed through a high degree of research and development activities, secure our dynamic growth.

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90TH Birthday of Ingeborg Gross

Ingeborg Gross would have turned 90 on December 12, 2021.
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Promotionsstipendium der Ingeborg-Gross-Stiftung

Lea Zimmermann schreibt ihre Dissertation im Rahmen eines Promotionsstipendiums der Ingeborg-Groß-Stiftung:
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Siegfried Röh - Verabschiedung unseres langjährigen Personalleiters und Standortleiters Hamburg

Unser langjähriger Personalleiter und seit 2020 Leiter unseres Standortes Hamburg wurde am Freitag, den 05. November 2021 von unserem CEO Herrn Dr. Rüdiger Ackermann in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand verabschiedet.
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Video- Apprentice training at Schill and Seilacher.

Lights, Action, Sound. Just like at a tv studio, our three colleagues from the apprentice training department, get a chance to try their hand in the world of acting for our new image film. We say ''Thank you'' for their amazing efforts. The apprentice training video is now available to view on Youtube.
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Schill+Seilacher Virtual Roadshow

While exhibitions are cancelled worldwide due to Corona pandemic, Schill+Seilacher has found a way to keep in touch with customers and partners – virtually.
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Delegation journey

At the end of October, our managing director Dr. Ackermann joined the delegation group of Dr. Merkel to India.
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Pirna puts new plant in operation

Schill + Seilacher Group has opened its new P1 plant in Pirna-Neundorf.
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Schill+Seilacher is a member of the German Chemical Industries Association as well as of the Association of Process & Prformance Chemicals Manufacturers.