What you can expect from us

Individual service

We provide our customers with localised troubleshooting by offering in-depth analysis of the conditions, by monitoring machine testing, by training the machine operating staff regarding the adjusted handling of the products, and by optimising the product implementation in both a technical as well as an economical regard.


The processes of our industry are subject to diverse chemical and physical legalities. Since these have a sometimes greater or sometimes lesser influence on the numerous process steps (and therefore a significant influence on the quality of our customers' products), it becomes necessary to manage and regulate these factors.

For this reason, we offer our customers comprehensive test and inspection methods in our modern laboratories. This ensures that the target factors are known and can adequately be optimised, if necessary.

These test and inspection methods include, among others:

  • Friction coefficient gauging
  • Abrasion gauging
  • Structural analysis gauging
  • Gas fading tests
  • Comprehensive methods to analyse nonwovens
  • Hydrohead
  • Thread supports / OPU
  • Migration tests
  • and a lot more

Beyond this we can also externally conduct further polymer-specific tests (MFI, DSC, etc.).

Customer-specific solutions

Every customer is different; every machine is different. We can offer a customer-specific solution and targeted development for each requirement. Therefore, taking a problem-oriented approach more quickly leads to the desired goal or product.

Specialist counselling

Whether it pertains to your daily operations or a project that's breaking new technological ground, our first-class teams in R&D, application technology and marketing will gladly provide you with advice and support. Professional expertise and close cooperation with institutions, universities andorganisations enable us to find the right answers for every question.

Our specialists will gladly support you concerning all regulatory and technically related questions.