Chemicals used in the finishing of paper surfaces often require further chemical additives in order to optimally deploy or round off their effectiveness. It is no less important to adjust and control the desired running properties during the finishing process. The additives from Schill+Seilacher make a valuable contribution to this. These may be defoamers of the DESPUMOL series with demand-oriented main focuses such as foam control and deaeration with early dosing or a quick and effective foam destruction in cases where the defoamer can only be dosed relatively late for technical reasons. Typical examples for the use of DESPUMOL are glue press formulations and coating colours, where they contribute to a more closed and uniform surface treatment.

Another task is fulfilled by the products of the EVORAL series, which act as lubricants or gloss agents. They can favour the flow of coating colours and other surface treatment agents and improve calenderability. This results in an increased gloss and improved smoothness with a positive effect on printability as, just by using such an optimized coating colour.

Further representatives of the additives come from the UKACROSS series, which, as formaldehyde-free cross linkers, accelerate the curing of coating colours and, as a component of the coating colour formulation, can shorten the ripening time. Others act as adhesive additives to increase adhesion between problematic paper surfaces.

The specialists among the additives include flame retardants from the UKADUR X series, which are compatible with surface treatment agents or coating colors but can also be applied directly to the paper surface. They enable the production of papers with an optimum flame-retardant finish and refined surfaces, which can achieve demanding classifications according to DIN 4102-1 or EN 13501-1. A spectrum of effects from flame retardance to flame resistance is available.


Prevents effectively foaming. Does not affect sizing negatively. Can be applied for deairating and defoaming of pigment coating compositions.


Excellent efficiency in destroying compact, high viscous and stable foams. Useful in deinking and wastewater treatment plants.


Resistant to bleaching agents and keeps its excellent efficiency even at high temperatures.