Staple Fibres

We've come a long way in the perfection of staple fibres. For centuries, mankind has used animal and plant based natural fibres for all kinds of purposes. Today man-made fibres from polyamide (PA), polyester (PET, PLA, and PTT), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), low melt or conjugate fibre are helping to fulfil the needs of the world population. Often these new material fibres are blended with natural fibres to get products of unique performance. The fibres perform as nonwoven in every area of our life. As hydro entangled nonwoven in the field of hygiene and wipes. As needle punched nonwoven as automotive or technical nonwoven. Our finishes give the best performance in ring and OE-spinning as 100% man-made fibres or blended. But no matter what type of staple fibre you need or are blended with, our special antistatics and lubricants help to turn your product into the best fibre ever seen. We are transferring historical processes to our ages!


Additive for spin and draw finishes for the production of polyester staple fibres.


Spin and draw finish for production of polyester staple fibres.