I-Chieh (Jens) Chen receives the Ingeborg Gross graduation studentship at Hamburg University, Faculty Chemistry

I-Chieh (Jens) Chen receives Ingeborg Gross Graduation Studentship at Hamburg University, Faculty of Chemistry


Already as grammar school pupil Mr Chen discovered his affinity to science and technology and started afterwards his chemistry studies at the faculty of chemistry at Hamburg University, which he recently terminated with his master’s degree. His master’s thesis applies to aspects of sustainable polymer chemistry in context with redox initialised radical polymerisation. He worked out definite processes for production of high polymers with interaction of theoretical, synthetic and technological chemical approaches. Even his bachelor’s thesis had its focus on macromolecular chemistry. These experiences will surely be of use for his graduation. The aim of this research project is the treatment of zinc catalysed sulphur of allylic hydro carbon bondings in polyolefines. The oxidation of sulphur is a well-known process and even assumes a role for vulcanisation, however, structure reactivity relations on the impact of catalysts is lacking. The aim is to research a sustainable implementation on the basis of high active catalysts.


The studentship amounts to monthly 1,600 € for a period of two years and will be extended to three years after a positive expertise of an interim report. The studentship is promoted by Ingeborg-Gross-Stiftung and „Freundes- und Förderverein Chemie der Universität Hamburg e.V.“.



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