Lipsol FT 10 is the first product of it’s kind, that absorbs and neutralises unwanted smell chemically and permanently. Most automotive leathers these days must be free of unpleasant odor. Until now this could not be achieved with existing methods like adding perfume or improving production processes. With Lipsol FT 10, most unpleasant smell can be eliminated permanently. Also the smell of many products that had been brought into the leather on a later stage of production will be caught and eliminated.
This revolutionary product is also an excellent fatliquor. This way, all active substances get carried deep inside the leather fibres to fix there permanently. Lipsol FT 10 does of course meet the very highest standards of automotive leather.

It must be highlighted that using Lipsol FT 10 in combination with Lipsol HP, a perfect automotive leather can be produced. A perfect automotive leather with inner softness but a tight grain and no looseness. Leathers produced with Lipsol FT 10 in combination with Lipsol HP will pass current tests of every OEM for automotive leather. No further fatliquor must be added.

Lipsol HP is a polymeric fatliquor, especially designed for high performance automotive leathers in order to achieve ultra lightfast and ultra heat resistant leathers with no fogging. Leathers produced with Lipsol HP will show no VOC but especially a very tight grain. Such tight grain is often desired to provide a higher area gain after cutting the leathers.

In combination with Lipsol ARG ideal to produce soft automotive leathers. In combination with Lipsol FT 10 ideal to produce the optimum automotive leathers that meets all current requirements of the OEM inclusive that of no smell.

Derugan AMF was developed to eliminate the unpleasant and unwanted smell of amines by an application in the pretanning and in the retanning of leather. 
One of the major reasons for unwanted smell in leather is the use of recycled water in the beamhouse. This recycled water does carry soluble protein residues, which must be eliminated. This is what Derugan AMF does, especially as the glutardialdehyde has been proven to be an excellent tool for amine tanning action.

In combination with Lipsol FT 10 our Derugan AMF provides the optimum in creating a non smelling leather. Unpleasant amine smell does get eliminated just as well as most unpleasant smell of products being added to the leather in any further step of production.

Lipsol ARG is a synthetic fatliquor designed for soft car upholstery leathers with a tight grain surface. It does support the highest demands of light-fastness and lowest possible VOC. Lipsol ARG provides excellent heat stability, does not contribute to fogging and is very suitable for the production of light weight leathers. The product is resistant to any kind of electrolytes used in the production of leather. If Lipsol ARG is mixed with lecithin it will support easy usable and very fine emulsions.

Perfectol TG is the first high performance waterproofing agent free of oil and fats. The product is meant to be used as single product for easy and effective production. The leathers treated with Perfectol TG show extremely high maser results, Wick test and lowest water uptake. The leathers are tight, firm and show a very clean surface. Another benefit is that the product supports excellent and true shades of dyes. No extra silicon must be added to achieve desired test results for highest standards.


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