Process Chemicals

The basis for high-quality paper and cardboard is already laid in the paper manufacturing process. The DESPUMOL 661defoamers from Schill+Seilacher take this into account. Effective ventilation at the paper machine is part of every process optimization and a prerequisite for optimum sheet formation. This principle also applies to the earlier stages of fibre recovery from waste paper, where FLOKUTAN 71 enables an effective ink discharge and a reduction of impurities in the deinking process with reliable foam development. 

EVORAL RA as release agent contributes to a clean separation of the mouldings from the sieves of less strongly cleaned waste paper fibres, which are often used for mouldings.


Non-ionic surfactant for the use in the flotation and wash deinking process especially in a neutral pH-range.


Ensures controlled, stable forming of foam. High efficiency and high economic efficiency of the product.