The safety of people in their professional and private lives is rightly given high priority. The anti-slip products from Schill+Seilacher under the UKAPHOB and UKAPRINT brands make a convincing contribution to this. The products, applied to paper or cardboard, allow the realisation of flexible security solutions for industry, trade and in the domestic environment, on journeys or in traffic for load securing. The effectiveness of the products is tested according to the current regulations for the respective areas (e. g. VDI 2700 for load securing). As standard, we determine the static friction coefficient (slip angle) according to Tappi (T 815 om - 815) with the PAAR Static + Dynamic Friction Tester, as well as the sliding friction coefficient. Intelligent formulations enable anti-slip products with different static friction coefficients and sliding friction coefficients.

The Schill+Seilacher product range includes anti-slip products for a wide variety of application techniques and processing conditions, from classic coating systems with cylinder application, air brushes or flexo-printing to processing in corrugated board systems. In addition to the anti-slip products, the UKAPRINT range also includes products for water repellence or oleophobic surface.


Improves paper and print gloss. Good resistance against scratching. Produces a hydrophobic effect and barrier against oil and grease.