Textile softeners

Super-soft materials – we can modify the touch and feel of any textile to meet this customer requirement. Softeners can give textiles a smooth, flexible and supple character. As a manufacturer of microemulsions and macroemulsions, we perfect and combine hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, among other things – we adapt to your requirements.

Talk to us about your desired fabric texture.

Precosoft SM

Amino-polysiloxane (micro emulsion)

Precosoft SM 40

Amino-polysiloxane (micro emulsion) with good penetration

Precosoft SMMV

Aqueos micro- and macro-dispersion of silicone elastomers

Silastol NSI konz.

Self cross-linking silicone elastomer

Ukanol Soft 1505

Emulsion of modified organic polysiloxane and fatty acid condensation products

Ukanol Soft 1606 N

Micro emulsion of a combination of modified organic polysiloxane compounds

Ukanol Soft 1707 W

Emulsion of a combination of organo-functional modified polysiloxane compounds