Founded by Christoph Seilacher and his brother-in-law Karl Schill in Heilbronn in 1877, the chemical factory for the manufacturing of special products for the leather industry has always counted on the proximity to its customers as the driving force for its growth. That's why only four years after it was founded, the company moved its operations to Feuerbach near Stuttgart in order to work more closely with the most important companies in the industry.

Because of their creativity, and thanks to the right products and the company's high quality standards, Schill + Seilacher grew quickly and was soon recognised well beyond its regional borders. The export business expanded so that in 1925 Schill + Seilacher founded a subsidiary in Hamburg, the gateway to the world. Now the direct proximity to the foreign markets was also assured. Even back then, active research and development ensured a continuous expansion of the product line that has in the meantime been expanded to include special chemicals for textile refinement.

Based on the experience from the textile industry and the availability of the corresponding raw materials, the first additives for the processing of natural rubber followed. In 1943 a massive air raid almost entirely destroyed the production facilities; as a result, the production was partially transferred to Böblingen. Immediately after the end of the war, a modern and expanded manufacturing facility was built in Hamburg. The Böblingen location was not only retained, but it was also continuously modernised and expanded.

The Böblingen location manufactured special chemicals for the manufacturing and refinement of fabrics, textiles, leather and paper while the Hamburg location developed and manufactured special chemicals for the rubber industry, antifoam agents, polydispersions, silicon emulsions and products for latex processing. The growing success of our products on the US market led to the 1979 founding of the Struktol Company of America in Stow, Ohio.

Today, over 600 employees worldwide represent the success of the Schill + Seilacher corporate group, which still remains a family-owned business. Our dynamic growth is ensured by our tradition and a high degree of research and development activities.