Innovation + Research


For over 130 years we've been gaining experience in the development of new chemical products. As a company that began engaging in international trade at a very early stage, we understand the needs of the global market and continually develop new products that meet these needs.

As a German company with tradition, we place the highest demands on the quality and timeliness of our chemicals. We know that a more rapidly changing global market consistently creates new challenges. Continual innovation in all product line areas creates the foundation of our global success. The early decision for the company to place an emphasis on both research and development as well as on the innovation of new types of products has always guaranteed that our customers receive the most modern products and the newest production processes.

For our customers, the standard of continuous innovation does not just lead to world-class products, but can also provide them with highly specialised consulting expertise. This is of particular importance to us since the optimum of a modern production rests on the functioning of complex manufacturing processes. As a researching company and as a developer of new products, we understand these processes and can specifically advise our customers regarding the use of our products.